Saturday, October 11, 2014

Frieze week and things ahoy

I'm very happy to be included in the next issue of Kaleidoscope magazine with a profile I wrote on Boychild. I've also written a list of highlights of Frieze week and London for their site that should hopefully be up soon (it ended up here on their facebook)

I did a run down of Frieze Week performance events for Artsy, profiled top 4 tech-influenced artist for Postmatter and did a top ten of the best things at the fair this week for Dazed Digital.

I'll also be doing instagram takeovers for Dazed Magazine, Spring Studios and at Roughversion - in case you fancy an immediate, varied tsunami of my week.

And here are 4 pop up things things outside of Frieze London and Frieze Masters that are worth checking out - because the world loves a list.

1) ICA Off-Site: The Old Selfridges Hotel
Anything you can - the programming is spot on.

2) Sunday Art Fair
A defunct website, barely a word to the press and still a fair that should not be missed!

3) PAD
It's my guilty pleasure. Come for a relaxed gawp at 20th century masters and euro-cash spenders

5) 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair
Last year's debut was surprisingly good. A fair not to be forgotten

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fade Out

I've just opened an exhibition at Club Monaco's flagship in Sloane Square with the works of Rick Myers, Stewart Cliff and Tracey Emin/Counter Editions. The works are for sale and the show is up for a few months. Info below.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rough Version Top 10 Art Instagram Feeds

I'm very aware of the rather bland art Instagram lists floating around at the moment. So I wanted to point out there is a world beyond the American cliches..... Mine is obviously @roughversion

1 Ken Kagami @kenkagami
It's the best one out there. It's that simple. Kagami is insanely prolific, funny, uses the forum briliantly and has a really kawaii little girl

2 Jayson Musson @jaysonmusson
I started supporting Jayson way back, putting him in shows and books since 2010. He likes the internet, the internet likes him.

3 Amalia Pica @amaliapica
Smart, international artist. Smart, international imagery.

4 David Noonan @davidnoonan
Everything is black and white in my fave Australian's feed. He also has a very cute black toy poodle...

5 Alistair Frost @ajcfrost
I love Frost's emoji stylisation (if you want more smileys i also recommend @thesmilefacemuseum and @obreuning)

6 Aaron Rose @allegedpress
Every post is Rose telling a joke in front of the Hollywood sign in LA. An artwork in itself.

7 Ed Atkins @warmspringmouths
My love of Mr Atkins' work is well established. I love his heads, hands, noses and general disembodiment. (It might be private too so oops)

8 Luca Lo Pinto @lucalopintoo
Curator and editor of Nero Lo Pinto again shows me good international European stuff that feels fresh to see.

9 Boychild @boychild
I've wrote a little profile on her out in the next issue of Kaleidoscope. Her feed is like an array of little futuristic Cindy Sherman self portraits.

10 I Call Bullshit @icallb
I'm slightly afraid to put this here as I'm sure they'd call me bullshit but this feed is gossipy NY bitchery and fun to read

Also check out: @brionnudarosch @aleksandradomanovic @SD @chris_dorland @jessewine1
@bignickberlin @atfirstiwasafraidiwaspetrified @morelbooks and everyone else I'm following

Friday, August 22, 2014

Images from E-Vapor-8

For those who missed the show, or want to see hints again, here are images from the exhibition at Site Sheffield. From above Adham Faramawy, the entrance work was Daniel Swan below.

Room 1:Travess Smalley and Jeremy Deller, Adham Faramawy and Fatima al Qadiri and Sophia al Maria, Fatima al Qadiri and Sophia al Maria.  

Room 2: Harry Burden, Marisa Olson, Rhys Coren, Petra Cortright, overview of room with Petra Cortright, Rhys Coren, Marisa Olson and Alexandra Gorczynski.

Friday, August 15, 2014


The install of Soho House Chicago is finally complete and I'm super proud. I hung around 250 artworks in total including some exceptional gems by Matt Connors, Lan Tuazon, Kerry James Marshall, Angel Otero, Rashid Johnson, Friedrich Kunath, Harland Miller, Wolfgang Tillmans and Josephine Meckseper.

Special thanks for the help and company of Chicagoans Rebecca KressleyAndrew Rafacz, Shane Huffman, Marzena AbrahamikEvan Gruzis, Cody Hudson and the incredible and charming Donnie Madia (who has the best restaurants in the entire world), Jesse Katzman and David Vatran my dream Soho House chefs and everyone else I met and drank Negroni slushies at Parson's with...

E-Vapor-8 is also ending tomorrow. Got some nice coverage from Art Monthly, Furtherfield, This is Tomorrow and Culture24 among others, as well as little mention in Vogue. You can watch the four hour Talking Art and Rave study day here too.