Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hands Off! A group show opening March 12

Hands Off!
A group show curated by Francesca Gavin

Aleksandra Domanović 
Anthony Anthonellis 
Benedict Drew
Bhakti Baxter
Celia Hempton
Harry Burden
Neil Rumming
Nina Beier and Simon Dybbroe Møller

ROOM OF REQUIREMENT @ HORSEANDPONY Fine Arts Altenbrakerstrasse 18
12053 Berlin

Opening: Thursday, March 12th at 7pm Duration: 13.03. – 05.04.2015
On view by appointment:

This is a show about fragmentation. In a post-digital world we are becoming increasingly detached from our physical selves. Literally cut off from our bodies. The work in this exhibition highlights how this disembodiment creates an image of a prescient computer or digital avatar in search of a body. The results can be uncanny, disturbing, or amusing. These almost-human pieces are unreal or impossible. These body parts feel removed, detached, robotic, sometimes lacking in emotion or presenting a performance of the emotional. Here hands, heads, teeth, cocks and legs appear to exist in a different realm. Hovering outside of the human. Stuck in some digital limbo. Half us, half tech. Together they emphasise the failure of technology to replicate and the failure of art to represent.

Aleksandra Domanović is based in Berlin and represented by Tanya Leighton. She has exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, New Museum and the Kunsthalle Basel. Her work is included in the current New Museum Triennial in New York. Her upcoming solo show is at museum Boijmans Rotterdam in June.
Anthony Antonellis is an artist based on the internet in New York. His work has been exhibited at venues such as the Photographers' Gallery, London, Darbast Platform, Tehran, and Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn. He is the creator of online-gallery directory
Benedict Drew graduated from Slade School of Fine Art and was a LUX Associate Artist. He is represented by Matts Gallery, London. Recent solo exhibitions include Heads May Roll, Matt’s Gallery, London, Now Thing, Whitstable Biennale and Gliss at Cell Project Space.
Bhakti Baxter shows with Federica Schiavo and Gallery Diet in Miami, where he is based. He has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami and Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris.
Celia Hempton exhibited at last year’s Gwangju Biennale, as well as at the Kunstverein Aachen, South London Gallery, and Studio Voltaire. She is represented by Southard Reid in London and Galleria Lorcan O’Neill in Rome.,
Harry Burden is based in London, Burden was included in the New British Art show at MOCCA Toronto and has exhibited at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna, Palais de Tokyo and Forgotten Bar in Berlin.
Neil Rumming is an artist based in London who studied at Kingston University. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at COLE, HD Projects in New York and inclusions in groups show at Studio Voltaire and Kinman.
Nina Beier is a Danish artist represented by Metro Pictures in New York and Croy Nielsen in Berlin. She has had solo shows at the Nottingham Contemporary, Proyectos Monclova and soon at Kunstverein Hamburg.,
Simon Dybbroe Møller is a Danish artist represented by Laura Bartlett Gallery in London and Andersens Contemporary in Copenhagen. He has had solo shows at Objectif Exhibitions, Lulu and upcoming a large commission for the Centre Pompidou.,

Francesca Gavin is a curator and writer based in London. She is the Visual Arts Editor of Dazed & Confused, Art Editor of Twin, a contributing editor at Sleek and AnOther and the curator of the Soho House Group. She has written five books including ‘The Book of Hearts’, ‘100 New Artists’ and ‘Hell Bound: New Gothic Art’, as well as curating exhibitions including E-Vapor-8 (Site Sheffield and 319 Scholes), The Dark Cube (Palais de Tokyo) and The New Psychedelia (MM).

ROOM OF REQUIREMENT is a series of exhibitions held in alternating spaces throughout Berlin. Different curators are invited to host limited numbers of rotating events until the space is finally returned to its original function. The room could disappear at any given moment yet also reappear at other times and locations in instances of requirement.
Formerly housed in a temporarily unused office building in Kreuzberg, 2015 Room of Requirement will be hosted by HORSEANDPONY Fine Arts.
Room of Requirement Berlin is organised by Hannes Ribarits / funded by BKA Austria

Image 1: Anonymous, reproduction painting on found manuscript paper
Image 2: Neil Rumming, Pink Nose, 2013, Acrylic, silkscreen, relief ink on canvas (50cm x 40cm) 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Ten Art Editions to Buy Now

I've always been obsessed with looking at editions you can buy online and it amazes me how many are available and forgotten. These are ten that I'd buy before they go (and um maybe have bought for myself already). I recommend all these 10 pieces. 

Dawn Mellor £50

Ed Atkins £150

Paulina Olowska £120 (or a pair for £200)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Best in Show 2014

My annual round of up of the top ten shows of the year made it on to Dazed this year (with explanation) but here is the round up again in list form (with my own picture selection)


And special mentions to Sigmar Polke at the Tate Modern and Iwona Blaswick's incredible show with NEON in Athens 'A Thousand Doors'.

Monday, November 24, 2014

12 Art Books to buy for Christmas

1 Bailey's East End (Steidl)
Bloody hell this three volume book of photos is incredible. These city shots paint an entirely different image of Bailey. For anyone interested in cities, the documentation of gentrification, London in any way and the photographic medium at all - buy this book.

Five Hundred and Thirty Books from Southend Central Library
There are only 1000 copies of this artwork cum book and my god its good. Hundreds of juxtaposed images from book sleeves, back covers, title pages, inserts. Its an approach Nelson has done before in print form but never to this level. Long live the library.

3 Constructing Worlds by Alona Pardo and Elias Redstone (Prestel) 
Constructing Worlds at the Barbican is an incredible show and Prestel's catalogue captures these images of the changing photographic approach to architecture perfectly - but as a companion it would be silly not to get co-curator Elias Redstone's Phaidon tome Shooting Space. Why choose? Get both.

This is obviously a deeply disturbing book and its fascinating. The kind of book that you know will become a huge collectors item. A serious and thorough examination of the meaning, design and iconography of terrorist group's logos. Each are reproduced and dissected in depth. 

Cee Cee Berlin (Distanz Verlag)
This brilliant hard back guidebook to places in the city is based on a great city based newsletter. (Autocenter gets a namecheck). It gives me faith that my second favourite city still has some kind of creative innovation and desirable spots that havent been ruined by the onslaught of start up dicks.

My love for the tumblr of this show in Turin never ceases and the show itself in Turin which launched to coincide with Artissima (and runs until January) was very well done with work  Sarah Lucas  and Carol Rama. The catalogue with its repro Olivetti ad cover should start popping up at an art book shop near you. Buy it.

The best independent photo book to pop up on my shelf from this photographer who followed Ballard's footsteps in Shanghai. The images are really a brilliant ode to the changing face of the city, the absence of history and Ballard's own lingering ghost.

The Hidden World by Jim Shaw (Walter Konig)

Jim Shaw collects the weirdest crap and it is utterly fascinating. Aside from providing a brilliant insight into his own work, his collections of Alien obsessive memorabilia, weird Christian crap and general odd kitsch freakdown is brilliant. It is printed to resemble a small very warped bible.

Ah Christmas. The time of pure consumption. If you want to give a gift if protest and dissent this seems like a good place to start - a visual book focusing on current manifestations of the political in art (often in public space).

This Japanese genius artist has recently had his first big show in London EVER - which is insane considering the amazing projects he has shown at Documenta and the Venice Biennale in the past few years. This book is a great introduction to his collage approach to sketchbooks, sculpture and everything else.

If you know someone that likes art and food Webster (without Noble) has put together this diary like punk scrawled cookbook interspersed with drawings that is rather brilliant. Road kill roast is not the norm. Generally the food if quite good for vegetarians.

12 The Book of Hearts by Francesca Gavin (Laurence King)
Because its a lovely little gift obviously, there are hundreds of hearts in it and its a way of giving emotion without words. And you get to read a little texts about Emblemata books, weird cults and the history of Mexican visual culture.

Bookish Londoners should also head to the seedy side streets of soho for the pop up Antenna Books, 8 Walkers Court, Soho W1 and if you buy one new magazine this year it should be SPACE.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Five shows to see this month

Oliver Laric @ Tanya Leighton, Berlin opening Friday Nov 21 6-9pm

Selected by... curated by Michael Marriott and Jesse Wine at Limoncello, London opening Saturday Nov 22 3-5pm

Ed Atkins @ Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin opening Saturday Nov 22 6-8pm

Samara Scott @ The Sunday Painter, London Nov 29-Jan 18

Congratulations on your ugly handwriting, Cura Basement, Rome opening Nov 27 7pm

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On the road

I've been writing a lot of lists at the moment. The highlights from Istanbul for Dazed and Artsy, rundowns from Artissima in Turin, favourites in Chicago and yes with Miami coming up i'm doing a cluster of those. This is obviously all a condition of travel way too much this year (I know... poor jet lagged exhausted me...) As a change from art, here are some the best places I ate and drank (and danced).

Parson's Chicken and Fish, Chicago
For two words. Negroni. Slushies. I would regularly jump in a taxi to go to this place for this drink alone.

Gaspar, Karakoy in Istanbul
The food here is so good, it interior the right side of chic and if you're lucky the owner will be drunk and playing an extended mix of Talk Talk 'Its My Life'.

Alberto Marchetti, Turin
The zabaione ice cream here was definitely the best version of it I've ever had. And this in a city that invented the nutella stuffed croissant...

That tiny bar in a courtyard in Athens

It might have been metamatic but i'm not really sure as I was dragged there with an editor friend by a local curator and in my memory it was much grimier and random than this.

La Java, Paris

Because I had a really really fun messy night dancing here during FIAC at the Spencer Sweeney party and flirting in French.