Thursday, May 24, 2012

Show of the month? Probably

The Historical Box - originally show at Hauser and Wirth Zurich but so damn good they brought it to London. Curated by Mara McCarthy of LA Gallery The Box, this is old school Los Angeles pioneers from 50s-70s. So many good artists - Stan VanDerBeek (its a VanDerBeek week with daughter Sara opening The Approach tonight), Barbara T Smith (her performances in particular were SO good), John Altoon. Conceptual without being dry. Funny without being flippant. This was a damn good show.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last chance in London

I've been missing all these shows in London and intend to see them all this week. Weirdly, Bourgeois aside, they all have a video vibe! I need to start looking at sculpture and paintings again don't I....

1)  Remote Control at ICA (Aleksandra Domanovic still above)


2) Louise Bourgeois at The Freud Museum (end May 27)

3) Elizabeth Price at MOT International (ends May 26)

4) Benedict Drew at Cell Project Space (ends May 27)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


The past 8 days have been so busy its ridiculous. I am so pleased with how E-Vapor-8 turned out (with mentions on New York magazine, Artinfo, Phaidon, Purple Diary, Rhizome and my Dazed piece). Such a huge turn out at the opening. The show is open until May 18, Thurs-Sun 2-6pm. Go see.

Frieze also was great - esp Tanya Leighton's booth of Oliver Laric and Aleksandra Domanovic's works, Samara Golden at the Night Gallery and the pop up Soho House where we hung out for about 5 hours.

While hallucinating with jet lag (the close up image above from Travess Smalley's large vinyl piece is a fair representation of my brain) these are the people in particular that I would like to thank in an Oscar-style for making the week so fun:

All the artists - esp Lucy Stokton, Rhys Coren, Hannah Perry, Travess Smalley, Christian Petersen, Jeffrey Gibson, Alexandra Gorkczynski for travelling across the globe to be there. All at 319 Scholes - Lindsay Howard, Igal Nassima and the tech god that is Sam Hart. DOorDINE for letting us all turn up there en masse post opening.

My boys Ben Sansbury and Nicola Pecoraro who are in 4 person show at The Bowery Hotel which runs until May 21. Seana Gavin (whose work is on show at The Other Art Fair from tomorrow!) and Aurora Aspen - who are so part of me they are like extra limbs.

Kadar Brock for being amazing in general, Kaspar Sonne, Alban de P, Steve Clark, Dave Hoyland and Tim Steer from Seventeen (May 17 opening of Motion in the diary), Laura, Ned, Aaron and Mette Moulton for their surprise karaoke appearance amongst many others, Ruby Warrington, Brendan Fowler (finally in person), Alex Duve etc etc etc.... and last but definitely not least Jay.