Thursday, February 27, 2014

In praise of publications

I have been addicted to magazines since I was 11 years old. I buy around three a week or so. Which is obviously insane. The number of independent and interesting publications on the shelves of Do You Read Me?, Artwords and ofr are ever growing. This is my top ten for those searching for help whilst navigating shelves (which I've tried not to make too biased...)

Hands down the best art magazine out there and the only magazine I collect and keep rather than cut up for the scrapbooks. Brilliant design, content, writers and art, art, art.

I'm super proud of this baby. Bi annual hardback book I do all the art for - I've done major 10 page features on Tauba Auerbach, Josephine Meckseper, Kerry James Marshall, Cameron Jamie among many others. Its pretty much 50% art in here!

The Gourmand
I'm not even into the whole cool food thing but this magazine makes me want to be. Smart, leftfield, beautifully designed, and even makes you a little hungry.

Printed Pages
While Its Nice That rests in piece, the smaller sweet printed pages is filling the hole left behind for interesting graphic, design and illustrative creativity.

ANP Quarterly
God I love this publication. Even though the free, oversized mag is more sporadically produced than it once was its still always a complete, original joy. Aaron Rose

junk jet
This collaborative art, architecture, new media publication is always worth it for the content - great articles that stick in your head like glue.

Cos magazine
It is free in shops, its design is immaculate and they even get some kick arse interviews.

Anonymous Sex Journal
If you want to cry with laughter, hubris and sympathy on the tube home this is the publication for you. The third issue is just out. Buy it while you can.

The Gentlewoman
This biannual has done a great job making a fetish out of smart as a whip women, with a touch of the uptight glamour of Fantastic Man.


Kevin Braddock has done an incredible job editorially turning this baby around. Who else would let me do an entire feature and portfolio on the male nude?

Acne Paper
It's. Just. So. Beautiful.

Also regularly purchased are: AnOther, Apartamento, Arena Homme Plus, Artforum, Art Review, Bazaar (UK), Dazed, foam, Frieze, Interview, Jalouse, monocle, Vogue (esp the French edition).

Monday, February 24, 2014

Twitter Taster

For people not on twitter, this is a taster of my recent points of interest

Firstly I have a curated at two person show with Laura Buckley and Sture Johanesson opening at Autocenter in Berlin March 21 from 7pm running until April 19. Flyer above.

(The space also has an incredible auction midway through the show for a night  coming up at the end of March with work by David Ostrowski, Oliver Laric etc).

Grab the brilliant new issue of COS magazine with interview with Tino Seghal and fruit fair photos by Wolfgang Tilmmans in the free in-store print edition

My interview with Collier Schorr for Dazed

Jodorowsky Comic archive

Le Gun running art school workshops

Rob Pruitt's online book shop and flea market on ebay

Monday, February 10, 2014

Update Update

Lots of writing out and about at the moment (gosh whenever I write that explaining update delays it makes me cringe and think of this Cory Arcangel project!!)

So here are 10 things I have written and seen and recommend to all - aside from The Book of Hearts which has made appearance at Grand Central Station, Artwords and Scribbler (as well at the Observer magazine and Independent online)

1 I was turned on by these exhibitions: Gauguin at Ordovas, William Burroughs at Photographers Gallery, Stephen Willats at Raven Row, Cecile B Evans online AGNES piece for the Serpentine, Christian Jankowski at Lisson and the incredible Heath Bunting piece 'Skint' in the Contemporary Art Society show at Whitechapel

2 Interviews with Simon Denny and Nate Boyce respectively for

3 Cover feature interview with Bjarne Melgaard about his Gavin Brown show for the Man/Boy issue of Sleek

4 The Return of Paris for Artsy

5 Top 10 Girls on Show for Dazed Digital

6 How art is getting to grips with on and offline space for Artsy

7 My Dazed Q&A with Ed Atkins now online

8 Piece on my September show at V1 Gallery included in issue 1 of Riposte

9 Issue 9 of Twin magazine on shelves with interview I did with Kerry James Marshall, pieces on Philip Lorca di Corcia, Nicola Tyson Copenhagen art scene and a curated exhibition project from Henry Kinman.

10 Interviews with Camille Henrot and Collier Schoor in the girls rule issue of Dazed

Image Tales of Paradise: Gauguin installation view, Photography by Mike Bruce at Ordovas