Friday, September 28, 2012

Dark Cube getting closer

My next show The Dark Cube at the Palais de Tokyo is getting closer. Only a week til the install and the opening on Saturday October 6 which kicks off at 6pm - and happily coincides with Nuit Blanche (quite fittingly).

I'm very excited about the work. Its not at all what people will expect from a black light show. Though I am tempted to visit Electric Ladyland, the museum of flourescent art in Amsterdam where the images below came from:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing out this month

I have some pieces out at the moment I'm really proud of. A massive portfolio and feature on the new male nude, a Q&A with Jeremy Deller and an exclusive interview with Cardiff and Miller in the current issue 35 of Sleek.

While in Dazed I've done a Cult VIP feature on Bernadette Corporation to coincide with their show at Artists Space

Coming soon, I've got some exceptionally exciting things lined up in Twin and especially the November issue of Dazed that are still making me smile...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to do in London before Frieze starts

Bjarne Melgaard @ ICA Sept 25 - Nov 18

Rashid Johnson @ South London Gallery Sept 28 - Nov 25

Yuri Pattison @ Project Number PV September 28 6-9pm, runs to Oct 14

Leslie Kulesh @ French Riviera private view October 2, Oct 5 - Nov 11

Monday, September 17, 2012

Drug themed music of the day

I havent caned it in years (despite my continued fascination by the legacy of psychedelic, rave and all that) but these songs do it on my behalf:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming Soon! The Dark Cube at Palais de Tokyo

THE DARK CUBE curated by Francesca Gavin

Juliette Bonneviot / Harry Burden / Antoine Catala / Anne de Vries / Jeremy Deller / Thomas Dozol / Oliver Laric / Clunie Reid / Ben Sansbury / Jeremy Shaw / KasperSonne / Scott Treleaven

Vernissage: October 6 2012 6pm-12am DJ Emma Sutton (FuseBOX)

Finissage: October 15 2012 Public 8pm-12am Virtual DJ set by Dave Maclean (Django Django)

A black or UV light emits ultraviolet radiation and little visible light. It creates an effect of fluorescence on colours and materials. ‘The Dark Cube’ exploits this effect by showing paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures in darkness, illuminated only by these purple glowing lamps.

The show was initially inspired by 1960s Black Light posters, initially created as representations or aids to hallucinogenic drugs. Alongside references to failed rebellion, this group exhibition touches on wider ideas around illumination and darkness, veiling and unveiling. Part of the aim is to demonstrate the relationship of contemporary ideas and aesthetics with defunct or less used forms of technology.

The Dark Cube is also a response to the cavernous nature of the Palais de Tokyo, and the flipside to the Garden of Eden’s idea of a forbidden space. In northern European art The Garden of Eden was depicted as a lush forest glade, while in the south a desert oasis. In our modern times creating a landscape of electronic phosphorescence is our new utopian Eden. The exhibition switches the normal viewing experience under day or white light on its head. It becomes an X-ray of the white cube.

The Dark Cube is part of a series of exhibitions and events GALERIE UTOPIA / THE FORGOTTEN BAR PROJECT: The Garden of Eden presented by Tjorg Douglas Beer being held at the Palais de Tokyo September to November 2012 ( 

Image: Harry Burden 'Dirty Fucking Hippies' (UV) 2012

Friday, September 07, 2012

Tonight's the Zerrissenheit

Saturday's the night. Those in Berlin this weekend or heading over for ABC should head down to RISE Berlin for a group show of film and video works curated by Stephen Dunne, who featured in my second book. Go see.


PV: Saturday 8; continues Sept 13-14, 15; Opening times: 14.00 - 19.00 h or by appointment. RISE berlin is an artist-run project space in Neukölln, Berlin. RISE berlin, Hertzbergstrasse 27, Neukölln, 12055 Berlin, ,