Sunday, March 27, 2011

Relational What?

The video above is the latest from Hennessy Youngman aka Jayson Scott Musson who I showed at Syncopation in Berlin last October and who is one of the artists in my next book out in August. He's so bloody talented and this video is spot on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Forget Japan

The online blogs and footage around what is going on in Tokyo deserve some serious attention.

When I went to Tokyo last January I had the luck of meeting Cameron McKean and his nice girlfriend Hannah through my good from Naoko Higashi. His blog shows how dramatic the earthquake has effected everyone out there. (I took the photo above from it)

Patrick Tsai's Talking Barnacles has a week long first person diary documenting the quake which I couldnt stop reading.

There are also a number of creative projects happening internationally to raise money for Japan. Magazine +81 is working on a creative project which I'm getting involved with - more info in future. In London 3939shop is doing an event and art auction for Japan which I'll put up details about soon. To make a donation to the Red Cross click here

Of all the footage I've watched this was one of the craziest

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tshe-Tsha Boys

I forgot what it was like to see something that looks so fresh it blows you away.... Tshe-Tsha Boys and these Shangaan dancers deserve to be massive

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Just back from NYC - despite killer jetlag it was definitely the most fun i've had in the city.

Highlights of the week were the lunches for artists at Soho House I put on where I had the pleasure of hanging out with Lawrence Weiner, Nick Relph, Ken Miller, Agathe Snow, Ian Tweedy and Evan Gruzis among many others, my big brother Jose Parla's rammed opening, the crazy group show at CANADA gallery (which included work by Jim Drain one of the stars at my next show at MU), the White Columns party at China Chalet, Kathy Grayson's dinner for The Hole, doing a talk with Slater Bradley and fascinating cinematographer Ed Lachman, and some exceptionally nice times in the company of Jeremy Shaw and Blake Mawson.

After the hilarious amusement of being listed in Modern Painters top things to do during Armory (getting drunk with me is apparently a nighlife highlight) I got double blogged - Jonathan Yeo who I curate Soho House with did Vanity Fair's blog and the delightful Alexandre Stipanovich on Opening Ceremony's blog (where I nabbed the photo above).

Much more NYC to come in the coming months.