Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diddly diddle dum

I have just discovered celtic mouth music or "Puirt-a-beul" - Gaelic dance music that grew up in the 18th and peaked in the 19th century. I'm obsessed. This is the kind of stupid songs I make up all the time around the house... obviously living up to the Gavin in my name.

"In Cape Breton there is a dance and puirt about a loom weaving. In this dance, the dancers are squatted or crouched and leap up to simulate the rise and fall of the harnesses on the loom, whilst others weave in and out to indicate the shuttle flying back and forth. In Cape Breton also, people perform step dances around a row of lighted candles, which they extinguish one by one with the soles of their feet while dancing."

This is my favourite Josie McDermott's The Collier's Reel

followed by Gordon Easton, The Drunken Piper

(illustrated with a good craggy pic of Brendan Behan)

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