Sunday, February 14, 2010

Look Back in Anger

Kenneth Anger has a show opening this week at Spruth Magers.
The exhibition is going to include his film 'My Demon Brother' (which you can watch below c/o youtube). According to the release "a hypnotic montage of jarringly edited images, shifting intense colours and symbols with a repetitive synthesised soundtrack by Mick Jagger... The aim of Anger’s subliminal techniques is to get through to ’the great Collective Unconsious’ and evoke the idea of an alternative reality, which, in turn, adds to the viewers’ anxiety." I have a love hate relationship with Anger. The horror stories in his book 'Hollywood Babylon' were part of my childhood old movie obsession and the stills are always wild. But some of his films scared the hell out of me. If you want something a little less dark on Thursday, new shows at Seventeen on Kingsland Road and Collier Schorr at Stuart Shave Modern Art.

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