Thursday, April 08, 2010

Matthew Monahan, AIDS 3D

I know I'm in Berlin again because I'm spending too much money on books at Koenig. This time I got Matthew Monahan - Five Years, Ten Year, Maybe Never - a stunningly designed three part book from MOCA. I interviewed Monahan in the past for Dazed to coincide with his Stuart Shave show. His sculptures and drawings look extra amazing in this book. The first part is a series of black and white photographs like the pages of an old archaeological text book. Sadly no scanner with me so you'll have buy to see what i mean...

And if you're in Berlin tomorrow night Nik Kosmas and Daniel Keller aka AIDS 3D have a show opening where "merely decorative, self-contained electric fountain, the maternalistic life-force is perverted into what amounts to abject MILF porn"

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