Monday, September 06, 2010

In the Pink

Pink seems to be the colour of choice for exhibition invites this week. Polytechnic opens at Raven Row on Wednesday night and if the tube strike has abated I'm there (Mark Titchner opens at Vilma Gold the same time).

Two shows opening on September 9 - one in Paris and one in London - both seem to be claiming the Lower East side artists that were so big a couple of years ago. At Agnes B's space, Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley and Harmony Korine's films get an outing; while at Ritter/Zamet in London, Jonathan Ellis King has curated The Coke Factory bring together work by Agathe Snow (who I think is the best of the bunch), Dan Colen, Aurel Schmidt, Nate Lowman et al. He's aligning the work with NYC as a kind of 'factory' (the word Warhol hovers invisibly above the press release). It'll be interesting to see if the work stands up or if that crop feels strangely dated and out of step with now which I expect some of it will.

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