Friday, May 27, 2011

Mark Leckey

I went to Mark Leckey's performance last night at his rather awesome Serpentine show. Two recorded sound performances booming out of a soundsystem sculpture which faces a mammoth sculpture by Henry Moore and one live 6 voice shouting staccato number. It felt like he was trying to persuade the piece to come to life - bombarding it with stimulus. It was an interesting take on history and performance. A guy at the back even fainted...

I'm a massive fan of Leckey and always have been. I first interviewed him years ago for a Barbican Curve show about the relationship between club culture and art where he was showing a piece called 'Londinium' I think. There's been crazy response to Jonathan Jones' review of his Serpentine show on The Guardian (and an interesting response by Isobel Harbison on

He shared his Top 5 YouTube videos with me in the current issue of Dazed which included wendyvainity and Crysis Barrels but you'll have to read the mag to see the lot and ready why. His top 5 objects are going on DazedDigital soon.

Images - Mark Blower installation view above, exhibition trailer below.

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