Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 10 shows to see this month

I miss the old Time Out. I would occassionally get it to tick all the shows I had seen and circle the ones I had not. Now there is only artupdate et al to keep me entertained (thank god that exists) in non digital form.

I think I might try to make up for this with regular top 10 lists of shows to go to each month (as well as tweets which you can view at the bottom right of this blog)

1 Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist Award (opening Oct 25)

2 Ed Atkins @ Chisenhale (pictured above)

3 Rashid Johnson @ South London Gallery

4 Theaster Gates @ Whitecube Bermondsey (esp for the library piece)

5 After/Hours/Drop/Box @ AND/OR

6 Jesse Wine @ Limoncello

7 Bronze @ Royal Academy of Arts

8 Guy Rusha @ The Sunday Painter

9 Klein/Moriyama @ Tate Modern

10 Jack Strange @ Project Number (opens Oct 25)

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