Thursday, October 15, 2015

CocksandCunts for Kaleidoscope Videoclub

I was honoured to curated a video project for Kaleidoscopemagazine to coincide with their Art and Sex issue (I've interviewed Celia Hempton in the mag itself and I'm also doing a talk at Frieze Art Fair Reading Room Friday 530pm with her and Julie Verhoeven)

It's called Cocksandcunts Here are more details!

The selected works by The ARKA group, Adham Faramawy, Richard Kern, Reija Merlainen, Julie Verhoeven, John Walter and Zoe Williams explore the representation of sexuality and the naked body, veering from fetishism to playful humour, from choreographed performance to an almost abstract approach. Here, ideas of feminism, movement, power and the structure of art manifest into a deeply human form, emphasizing the human sex as something layered with meaning.

PS Longlyst also printed my Top Ten London galleries

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