Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dreamtime, Toulouse, Paris

I went to France for five days last week to look at art.

I went to the most insane exhibition in prehistoric caves in Mas-D'Azil an hour out of Toulouse called Dreamtime / Temps du reve. (There was a joint show at Toulouse Abbatoirs but it couldnt really compete). Think David Altmejd sculptures in dark caves like weird sci-fi guardians.

In Paris Beatriz Milhazes show at the Fondation Cartier made William Eggleston downstairs seem dull and colourless

I also played Where's Wally with Renaissance paintings at a wicked Archimoldo et al show at the Grand Palais, 'une image peut en cacher une autre' The catalogue's rather amazing to - these even spot varnish the invisible faces in paintings. (Couldnt decide if this technique was annoying or I loved it.)

I'm going to get a bloody camera so i can put my own photos up here...

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