Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm heading off to Berlin tomorrow (hurray!) but this looks like an interesting London thing opening on Friday..

11 JUNE 6-9PM

The ‘Mulberry Tree Press’ is a fictitious publishing house created specifically for this exhibition. The exhibition reflects on the relationship between space, object and text, how they exist one in the other, side-by-side, and separate. The focus on liminality, the boundary or threshold between different locations and states of production lie at the heart of the exhibition. It is concerned with the translation or transcription that takes place in order to facilitate this passage from one place to another, from the studio and the gallery to the printed page.

Cabinets - Kate Owens, Alex Frost, George Henry Longly, Matthew Smith, Becky Beasley, Mike Harte
Pinboards - Jamie Shovlin
Shelves - Ruth Beale
Archive cabinet – Nicola Oxley
Monitor – Maria Marshall

SE8, 171 Deptford High Street, London SE8 3NU

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