Saturday, June 19, 2010

Videodrome at Autocenter

My blogs are going up on Dazed next week though I wont be here to link em til the week after. (You guessed it - away again. Even the lady in the post office who exchanges money is making fun of me for my constant travelling). I am going to however enthuse about my favourite show of the past fortnight at Autocenter before I go. Videodrome was the show I wished I had curated this year - everyone from Cory Arcangel to Joep Van Liefland to Jeremy Shaw to AIDS-3D to Douglas Gordon were in it. Anyone who reads my work knows these are the names getting me excited. A truly coherent show - that at times responded to the film that inspired it and at others looked at wider ideas around technology and the media's effect on our heads. Here's a glimpse of what you missed. Aaron Moulton's a curator to keep your eye on.

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