Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best in Show 2010

After a spending a year on a plane between London, Berlin, Miami, New York, Tokyo, Basel, Paris and Shanghai - here's my top ten exhibitions:

1 Rashid Johnson at Guido W Baudach

2 Mike Nelson's Coral Reef (recreated) at Tate Britain

3 Videodrome curated by Aaron Moulton at Autocenter, Berlin

4 Wolfgang Tillmans at The Serpentine

5 The Island from Los Angeles Nomadic Division in Miami

6 Oliver Laric's curated basement with work by Aleksandra Domanovic, Seth Price and Samuel Beckett at Seventeen

7 Aids-3D at A Gentili Apri

8 Ben Sansbury at Space Studios

9 No New Thing Under the Sun curated by Gabriel Coxhead at the Royal Academy

10 High Society at the Wellcome Collection

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